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Traditionally, like most aspects of African culture, art, adornments, make-up, jewelry, body markings, etc. have served a purpose deeper than the surface aesthetic. African people are ritualistic. All aspects of culture traditionally serve a purpose that strengthened humanity by serving as conductors in our relationships with each other, the earth, the animals and the Creator.

Waistbeads are no different and have been around for thousands of years as a part of African culture. Specifically, we know that in West Africa, waistbands have been around since the 15th century. Waistbeads were traditionally adorned on young girls by their mothers and women of the community as part of their rites of passage into womanhood. They symbolized a healthy life, a fertile womb for bearing children and served to accentuate a women’s sexuality and femininity. Many women also believed it served as sexual appeal for their husbands. Waistbeads were considered very private and always worn under clothing only revealed among other women and a husband or sexual partner. Waistbeads were also used as implements during spiritual work used to help women who may have had problems having children or other issues.

Today, Waistbeads are worn by women around the world and used for various purposes including adornment, waist shaping, weight watching, body shaping and as a sensual tool and sexual stimulant for their husbands or partners. In honor of our women and their significant and undisputed efforts towards in our history and current day, ACAS is proud to offer Wine & Waistbead Workshops. We offer a variety of workshops including public and private workshops in studio as well as private in-home parties.

Private In-Studio Wine & Waistbead Parties are for women who want to have a private gathering among their own family and friends, for their daughters, organizations, birthdays or just because in a common place. We can accommodate up to

Private In-Home Wine & Waistbead Parties allow you to plan a party in the comfort of your own home with your friends and family in a very familiar setting. We can send you all the materials and instructions you need or send one of our experts out to your house to host the party for you and your friends.

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