ACAS is the proud home studio of ASA! – An upbeat, high energy, low impact dance fitness program fusing modern African club dance movements and exercise science designed or participants of any level. The individual movements of an ASA! Routine targets the core stabilizing muscle groups that allows participants to improve their endurance, cardiovascular capacity, burn calories, tone u and have fun. It’s exhilarating! We started offering ASA! two days a week and have since grown to offer ASA! almost every day. Check the schedule below and register for a class today.

If this is your first ASA! Class at our studio or you haven’t visited us for ASA! in over a month, purchase a Groupon here. Once you purchase your Groupon, you can not register it online or use it to sign up for classes until you bring it in to be redeemed in person. You can drop in at anytime and once your classes are in our system, they don’t expire for a full year from the date of redemption.